We would like to inform you that the store will be closed due to the declaration of the COVID19 epidemic in Slovenia, as we do not want to expose our customers to additional risk. As soon as the situation calms down, we will be with you again.
Thanks for understanding and stay healthy.


You will receive all necessary information's needed to make payment in confirmation e-mail. Payment must be done before items are dispatched.

You can make a payment via your online bank or in person at any bank. Make sure that the transaction is made in same currency as is stated on proforma invoice. It is the most commonly picked option to pay in our online store, as it is safe, affordable and simple. The transaction must be recorded on our account no later than two working days for items in stock, or no later than the next business day for the goods delivered upon the explicit costumer request. When making a payment, use exact reference number, as otherwise the shipment may be delayed. The delivery deadline begins with the day of detecting funds on our account.


Payment option is available for purchases up to 500 EUR. When making PayPal payments, you will be redirected to the payment website, where you will follow the instructions and complete your payment. The payment commission with PayPal is made out of two parts. Fixed ammount is 0,35 EUR (net) and variable part that is 3,4 % (net) that is charged on entire invoice value (products and services, postage and tax). The commission is paid by the buyer.

PayPal also allows you to pay Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, for which you do not need to have a PayPal account.

PayPal payment system is safe. Your bank information is not visible to person who receive payment. In case of a credit card payment, we do not see any sensitive information's about your credit card.






up to 98,00 EUR1,05 EUR
from 98,00 to 501,00 EUR1,07% on value
over 501,00 EUR5,36 EUR + 0,30% on value


You will pay the ordered goods in cash, upon delivery to your address or to the address you provided in order. If you select this payment option, on top of packing and shipping costs will be charged + 1.50 EUR. In addition, Post of Slovenia will charge you, along with the already charged costs, a commission for payment of a payment order according to their current price list. Published prices for this are valid on the day of announcing the conditions. Prices can be changed without notice. The price list for the UPN form on our site is informative. The service is charged by Post of Slovenia according to their current price list - "Price list of other services".

In our store, these users are called "+ users".

Due to bad payment discipline in case of payments at delivery, this payment option is only available for registered users in the online store who successfully completed at least one purchase, picked up all the shipments and made all payments within the contractual time. It only applies when you purchase items from stock. IF YOU CAN NOT SEE THIS OPTION AT CHECKOUT AND YOU FULFILL ALL TERMS FOR +USER, PLEASE CONTACT US, AND WE WILL TURN ON THIS FUTURE FRO YOU IN SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE.

Payment options

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