Dear customers. We inform that due to the uncontrolled spread of the new corona virus in Slovenia, the store will be closed. The decision was made primarily to protect the health of our customers and contract partners who are responsible for the delivery, because the virus can also be transmitted via packages.

As a result, we no longer accept orders until cancellation.

As soon as the situation is safe enough to continue operating, we will be back with you, but we anticipate that the whole situation could last for at least a few months.

Thank you for your understanding
and a lot of health.

Šmuc Alojz


"Anton Tomaž Linhart (born: Radovljica, 11 December 1756; died: Ljubljana, 14 July 1795) attended schools in Ljubljana and Vienna. After completing his schooling he found work as an archivist, and was then a school inspector. As schools commiss..
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Net Price: 15.00 EUR
"The first organised Sokol gymnastics society was founded in Prague in 1862. The following year, members of the Slovene national movement founded the “Southern Sokol” Gymnastics Society in Ljubljana. In Bohemia and Slovenia, Sokol represented a..
19.95 EUR
Net Price: 19.95 EUR
"Jurij Vega was born on 23 March 1754 to a poor peasant family in Zagorica, in the vicinity of Ljubljana. He went to a Jesuit secondary school in Ljubljana and completed his schooling at the lyceum, passing his examination in physics, mathemati..
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Silver coin that weight 15g and is made out of .925 silver. MInted only 4000 specimens. "On June 2nd 1846 rail traffic ran for the first time on the territory now known as Slovenia. On this day a ceremonial train pulled by the locomotives names..
175.00 EUR
Net Price: 175.00 EUR
Silver coin that weight 15g and is made out of .925 silver. Minted only 3000 specimens. "On the plebiscite held on December 23, 1990, the Slovenes valiantly decided for the independence. On June 25, 1991 at the meeting of all Houses of the ..
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Net Price: 49.95 EUR
Silver coin that weight 15g and is made out of .925 silver. Minted only 4000 specimens. "The greatness of a nation can be appreciated through the history of its culture. True, often we do not know the names of many of those who made history, wi..
49.95 EUR
Net Price: 49.95 EUR
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