Dear customers. We inform that due to the uncontrolled spread of the new corona virus in Slovenia, the store will be closed. The decision was made primarily to protect the health of our customers and contract partners who are responsible for the delivery, because the virus can also be transmitted via packages.

As a result, we no longer accept orders until cancellation.

As soon as the situation is safe enough to continue operating, we will be back with you, but we anticipate that the whole situation could last for at least a few months.

Thank you for your understanding
and a lot of health.

Šmuc Alojz


"Federative Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (amharsko የኢትዮጵያ, Itjop'ija) is an inland country in northeastern Africa. The country in the north is bordering Eritrea, in the northeast of Djibouti, in the east to Somalia, in the south to Kenya, and in the west to Sudan. The old domesticated name for Ethiopia is Abyssinia."


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