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Lighthouse: ULTRA 41 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs)

Lighthouse: ULTRA 41 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs)
Lighthouse -10 %

Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) ULTRA PREMIUM coin capsules are made from especially scratch-resistant transparent polyacrilyc (PMMA). Capsules without a rim are available for all comon coins between 17 and 41 mm. Firm yet easy-to-open fastening.

The overall size of Leuchtturm ULTRA PREMIUM coin capsules is identical to the Leuchtturm CAPS coin capsules and is therefore compatibile with all accessories for coin capsules.

Lighthouse: ULTRA 41 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs)
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Product Characteristics
Suitable for coins up to:41 mm
Outer diameter47 mm
Quantity10 pieces
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