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Want to see all the details on your coins? Then the ROSEWOOD magnifier is the right choice. Magnifier with magnifying glass 50 mm (2 "), with 3 magnification. Magnifying glass is made of glass.The magnifier is in gold color, the handle is in the imit..
13.43 EUR 15.80 EUR
Net Price: 11.01 EUR
Australia: 1 AUD 2014 - 1 oz .999 Ag PROOF HIGH RELIEF - 30th anniversary of the 1$ coin - Kangaroo | Elizabeth II
Ag  1oz
The coin show kangaroo, magnificent Australian animal in all the images of the jump. Coins are minted in PROOF - High Relief technique. The coin is packed in a protective capsule and has, in addition to its original packaging, also a individually num..
65.00 EUR 69.95 EUR
Net Price: 65.00 EUR
Australia: 1 AUD 2014 - 1oz .999 Ag PROOF - Kangaroo (RAM) - F15 Privy | Elizabeth II Australia: 1 AUD 2014 - 1oz .999 Ag PROOF - Kangaroo (RAM) - F15 Privy | Elizabeth II
Ag  1oz
Coin has a milk stains. That is visible on photos.A wonderful coin with an image of kangaroo in a dry, sun-glistening Australian wilderness. In front of the kangaroo is his shadow. Behind kangaroo, in the middle of the desert stands a wind mill.The c..
59.95 EUR 89.95 EUR
Net Price: 59.95 EUR
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