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Want to see all the details on your coins? Then the ROSEWOOD magnifier is the right choice. Magnifier with magnifying glass 50 mm (2 "), with 3 magnification. Magnifying glass is made of glass.The magnifier is in gold color, the handle is in the imit..
13.43 EUR 15.80 EUR
Net Price: 11.01 EUR
When you purchase this item you will receive:5 same sheets for the GRANDE system (305160), where each sheet have three compartments with dimensions of windows 216x98 mm. GRANDE sheets with a special film are free of chemical softener and compatible w..
6.00 EUR 7.50 EUR
Net Price: 4.92 EUR
When you purchase this item, you receive:   - 1000 MATRIX self-adhesive cards of various sizes packed in a suitcase.The suitcase contains:  - 100X 17.5 mm  - 100X 20 mm  - 100X 22.5 mm  - 100X 25 mm  - 100X..
103.96 EUR 129.95 EUR
Net Price: 85.22 EUR
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