South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND

South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND (ZA0990X002447) by
South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND (ZA0990X002447) by
Ag  1 oz
South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND (ZA0990X002447) by
South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND (ZA0990X002447) by

After fifty years of issuing gold Krugerrand coins, in 2017 South Africa decided it was time to enter the silver investment coin market. The Gold Krugerrand is considered to be the first modern investment gold coin be issued since 1967. The motif of the silver coins is identical to the motif on the gold coin.

The page with a springbok shows an antelope, a symbol of South Africa.

The second page shows the profile of Paul Kruger (Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger 1828-1904), a historically very important figure for South Africa.

South Africa: 1 RAND 2023 - 1 oz Ag .999 Ag ST - KRUGERRAND
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STANDARD MINT QUALITY - ST (UNC): Standard quality investment coins are minted in large quantities. They come on the market packed in tubes. To achieve sufficient mintage quantities automation of the work process is required. Because of this mechanical damage and milk stains can occur. They are tolerated by some mints, because this type of errors do not reduce the investment value of the coin. The quantity of these defects varies from mint to mint and also between series.

All "defects" on coins that occurs during the minting process and are not the fault of the distributor do not reduce the investment value of the coin, so they are not a reason for complaint. When buying investment coins, we must count on them and accept them.

ConditionThe coins are in a mint condition. Due to the standard technique of minting and packing in tubes, mechanical damage, milk stains or other visual defects may be present, which are a common phenomenon on coins of this quality.
Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)999
TerritorySouth Africa
ManufacturerSouth African Mint
Minting techniqueST
Diameter38.7 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?No, symbolic by the manufacturer
Item typeCoin
Coin Lettering
C - EdgeReeded

The South African Mint is today located in the city of Centurion, not far from Pretoria. The history of the mint dates back to July 1982, when after the discovery of gold in 1886, the then president Paul Kruger decided to establish a mint. With this, they solved the problem of lack of money in circulation and enabled the republic to create its own currency. When the British occupied Pretoria in June 1900, the mint ceased operations and the war made British currency the new legal tender. In 1919 the mint became a branch of the Royal Mint of London and was renamed the Royal Pretoria Mint. Pounds were minted, the mint mark on the gold sovereigns was S.A. In July 1941, ties with the Royal Mint of London were severed and the mint became known as the South African Mint. Despite this, pounds continued to be minted until 1961, when South Africa was transformed into a republic. Then they reintroduced their RAND currency. The new monetary system consisted of denominations ranging from half a cent to R2. R2 replaced 1 British sovereign and R1 replaced half a sovereign. On July 3, 1967, the first gold Krugerrand was minted, which is considered the first modern investment coin. The mint later came under the auspices of the South African Central Bank. In October 1992, a completely new, one of the most advanced mints in the world was built in the city of Centurion. Today, the mint produces many products. In addition to circulation coins for the needs of South Africa, it also produces investment and collector coins in gold, silver and platinum.