Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT

Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT (SO0989X002480) by
Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT (SO0989X002480) by
Ag  1 oz
Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT (SO0989X002480) by
Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT (SO0989X002480) by

Somalia's African Wildlife – Elephant series is dedicated to the world's largest land mammal, the elephant. Coins are minted by the German Bavarian State Mint located in Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria. Between 1998 and 2003, it initially minted a series of coins of the same name for Zambia, and from 2024 onwards, the issuing country is Somalia. Somalia is a coastal country in East Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, Kenya to the southwest, Ethiopia to the west, and Djibouti to the northwest. The Somali series of silver coins has been issued since 2004.

The main motif shows one of the two species of African elephants in their natural environment. This changes every year. The African forest elephant and the African savannah elephant differ from their relative the Asian elephant in addition to their habitat in the size of their ears. For the purpose of dissipating heat, African elephants have much larger ears relative to their body size than their Asian counterparts. African elephants are animals that grow up to 7 m and weigh up to 6000 kg. In addition to the elephant, the coin also shows the full name of the AFRICAN WILDLIFE • ELEPHANT series and the metal content of the coin. Until 2015, the coins were made of 999/1000 silver, but after 2016 they are made of purer 999.9/1000 silver.

The other side of the coin has in the center the coat of arms of Somalia, which has been in use since 1956. The coat of arms shows two leopards with outstretched tongues holding a shield. The shield has a crown pattern at the top and a star from the flag of Somalia in the middle. The inspiration for the shape of the shield is taken from the coat of arms of Italian Somalia (1949-1956). Two leopards stand on crossed spears, which connect a decorative ribbon. Above the spears are two more crossed palm leaves. In addition to the coat of arms, the face of the coin also contains the inscription of the country "SOMALI REPUBLIC", the nominal value in Somali shillings (SOS) and the year of minting, which is divided into two parts.

The edge of the coin is serrated.

Somalia: 100 Schillings 2024 - 1oz .9999 Ag ST - African Wildlife - ELEPHANT
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STANDARD MINT QUALITY - ST (UNC): Standard quality investment coins are minted in large quantities. They come on the market packed in tubes. To achieve sufficient mintage quantities automation of the work process is required. Because of this mechanical damage and milk stains can occur. They are tolerated by some mints, because this type of errors do not reduce the investment value of the coin. The quantity of these defects varies from mint to mint and also between series.

All "defects" on coins that occurs during the minting process and are not the fault of the distributor do not reduce the investment value of the coin, so they are not a reason for complaint. When buying investment coins, we must count on them and accept them.

ConditionThe coins are in a mint condition. Due to the standard technique of minting and packing in tubes, mechanical damage, milk stains or other visual defects may be present, which are a common phenomenon on coins of this quality.
Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)999.9
Denomination100 Schillings
ManufacturerBavarian Mint
Minting techniqueST
Diameter39 mm
Thickness3 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?No, symbolic by the manufacturer
Actual video?No
Item typeCoin
Coin Lettering
A - One sideAFRICAN WILDLIFE · ELEPHANT · 1 oz Ag 999.9 ·
C - EdgeReeded