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The West Congo (also known as the Central Congo, Congo-Brazzaville and Congo; we must not confuse it with the eastern eastern Congo, the former Zaire), is a former French colony in Western Central Africa. In the west it borders on Gabon, to the north to Cameroon and the Central African Republic, to the east and south to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and to the southwest to the Angolan Cape and the South Atlantic Ocean.

International ISO code: CG

Capital: Brazzaville

Currency: Central African CFA franc (XAF)

Language: French

Congo: 5000 Francs 2015 - 1oz .999 Ag PL - SILVERBACK GORILLA Congo: 5000 Francs 2015 - 1oz .999 Ag PL - SILVERBACK GORILLA
 1 oz -38 %
The first coin in the new Congo - Gorilla series. The coin carries the image of this magnificent monkey in its natural environment.Each coin contains 1 oz t .999 pure silver (Ag). The coin diameter is 38.6 mm. Coins are packed in original prote..

40.00 EUR 65.00 EUR
Net Price: 40.00 EUR
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