Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF

Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF (CA0990X002451) by
Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF (CA0990X002451) by
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Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF (CA0990X002451) by
Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF (CA0990X002451) by

The Maple leaf series of silver coins is one of the first typical investment series, with the start of minting in 1988. The manufacturer is the renowned Royal Canadian Mint.

The motif is identical to the motif on the gold coin, which was first issued in 1979. The maple leaf is a tribute to the national symbol of Canada, which has adorned the national flag since 1965. The motif of the silver coins does not change fundamentally over the history, only minor cosmetic and security corrections are made every few years. In 2014, a laser-engraved maple leaf was added to the coin, which serves as a security element. At the same time, they replaced the smooth part of the coin with a pattern that would make counterfeiting more difficult and at the same time hide certain flaws that may appear on coins over time. On the bottom of the coin is written the word "FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR", what in English and French means pure silver.

The other side of the coin shows Queen Elizabeth II, who until her death was Queen of the Commonwealth of Nations, which includes Canada. On the coins dated 2023, the years of her reign 1952 .... 2022 were added as a tribute to the late Queen.

The edge of the coin is serrated.

Each silver coin is made of 1 ozt 999.9/1000 silver. Silver coins with a nominal value of 5 CAD are official means of payment approved by the Canadian government.

In the past, silver coins were famous for milk stains, but from 2018 they are protected with MINTSHIELD™ technology. This is an invisible coating on the surface of the coin that, according to the mint, actually prevents milk stains from appearing.

Hurry up and get your coin.

Canada: 5 CAD 2023 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - MAPLE LEAF
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STANDARD MINT QUALITY - ST (UNC): Standard quality investment coins are minted in large quantities. They come on the market packed in tubes. To achieve sufficient mintage quantities automation of the work process is required. Because of this mechanical damage and milk stains can occur. They are tolerated by some mints, because this type of errors do not reduce the investment value of the coin. The quantity of these defects varies from mint to mint and also between series.

All "defects" on coins that occurs during the minting process and are not the fault of the distributor do not reduce the investment value of the coin, so they are not a reason for complaint. When buying investment coins, we must count on them and accept them.

Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)999.9/1000
Denomination5 CAD
ManufacturerRoyal Canadian Mint
Minting techniqueST
Diameter38 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?No
Item typeCoin
Coin Lettering
A - One sideCANADA 9999 9999 FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR 23
B - Other sideELIZABETH II 5 DOLLARS 2023 SB 1952 .... 2022
B Side - Engraver/Design authorSB - Susanna Blunt
C - EdgeReeded
ConditionThe coins are in a mint condition. Due to the standard technique of minting and packing in tubes, mechanical damage, milk stains or other visual defects may be present, which are a common phenomenon on coins of this quality.
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