Silver coins are minted by the Austrian Münze Österreich since 2008. The coins have the same motif every year, only the year of minting changes. Since the Münze Österreich mint has been minting gold coins with the same motif since 1989, they are very popular, especially among investors in precious metals within the EU, due to the recognizability of the motif. Each coin contains 1 or .999 silver. The diameter of the coins is the smallest among the investment 1 oz silver coins, as it is only 37 mm but is equal to the diameter of 1 oz gold coin. What is a rarity among the coins is the smooth rim. The coins are packed in tubes of 20 pieces.
Country: Austria
Metal: Ag
Mint: Münze Österreich
Year: 2008-

Austria - Second Republic: 1,5 EUR 2021 - 1oz .999 Ag ST -  Vienna Philharmonic | 20 PCS Austria - Second Republic: 1,5 EUR 2021 - 1oz .999 Ag ST -  Vienna Philharmonic | 20 PCS
15 Ag  1 oz 20
You are buying a silver coin weighing 1 oz (31.1 g) with a year of minting 2021.With individual coin purchase, the coin will be packaged in an appropriate protective capsule.One side of the coin shows musical instruments: cello, violin, harp, horn an..
531.87 EUR
Net Price: 531.87 EUR
Gold coins with a motif of the Vienna Philharmonic are minted since 1989. In 2008, the Münze Österreich mint presented the same motif of the Viennese Philharmonic on the silver coin. Due to its beautiful motive and high quality minting, the coins..
28.91 EUR
Net Price: 28.91 EUR
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