Numismatic is the science about coins. It includes collecting, studying and evaluating coins and medals. In the part on numismatics we can also include the notafilia, which conects collectors of banknotes, paper money and securities.

Most people perceive numismatic initially as a collector's hobby, which can turns in to a serious and deliberate study of the collected material. Knowledge and findings elevate numismatics in to auxiliary historical science, numismatic objects in to the determination of time and events, in a monument of art, imagination of beauty. The stone in the mosaic of this extensive, beautiful, interesting and educational work is represented by every collection. It is important that we handle and store the collected coins properly.

In most cases, collecting begins with a random event, encouragement, find, gift, or example. The interest in numismatics is then formulated and upgraded until the numismatist defines the path followed by the building and improving the collection. In the large field of numismatics every one encounters countless questions and answers. The thrill, disappointment, joy and anger are part of the sense, that give an extra boost. At the same time, the collector extends knowledge of coins, history, production, evaluation and how to handle the collected items.

Become guardian of collected coins and protects them from destruction for future generations.