Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad

Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad (MX10162202001152147) by
Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad (MX10162202001152147) by
Ag  1 oz
Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad (MX10162202001152147) by
Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad (MX10162202001152147) by

The Silver Mexican Libertad with the year of minting 1997 is a coin of mass 1 oz.

The coin has, on one side, a statue of an angel of independence (Monumento a la Independencia). The statue is behind the Mexican volcano, the most active volcano in Mexico Popocatépetl and the volcano Iztaccíhuatl. Both are connected together by a saddle called Paso de Cortés.

The other side of the coin depicts the Mexican national coat of arms, surrounded by 10 coats of arms, which had their role in the history of Mexico.

Mexico: 1997 - 1oz .999 Ag BU - Libertad
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Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)999/1000
ManufacturerBanco de Mexico
Mint markMo - Mexico City
Minting techniqueBU
Diameter40 mm
Thickness3 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?Yes
Item typeCoin
Coin Lettering
A - One side1 ONZA PLATA PURA 1997 LEY .999 Mo
C - EdgeReeded
ConditionSmall milk spots.
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