Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA

Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA (GB0990X002445) by
Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA (GB0990X002445) by
New 15 Ag  1 oz
Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA (GB0990X002445) by
Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA (GB0990X002445) by

The England's Royal Mint first introduced Britannia gold coins in 1997, exactly 10 years after the gold coins of the same name. The main motif has changed throughout history, but the common theme for all of them is the goddess Britannia, after whom the coins are named. The story begins in AD 43. n. no., with the Roman capture of the island in the area of present-day Great Britain. After the conquest, they founded a province called Britannia. At some point in the 2nd century AD, the legend of Britannia, a goddess with the characteristics of a person very reminiscent of a warrior, appeared on the island. She held a trident in one hand, a shield in the other. On her head was a helmet decorated with horsehair. The shape and decoration of the helmet resembles the helmet of an ancient Roman soldier called a centurion. Britannia first appeared on the 1 farthing (1/4 penny) coin in 1672. Her depiction has been a fixture on British coins ever since.

The silver coin also has several protective elements, which makes counterfeiting much more difficult.

As is customary with British and Commonwealth coins, the other side of the coins is dedicated to the kings. Queen Elizabeth II has been depicted on coins since the beginning of minting. With her death in 2022, her image on the 2023 coins will be replaced by the portrait of King Charles III during the year.Silver coins are made of 1 oz 999/1000 silver. The diameter of the coins is 38.61 mm, the face value is £2. Silver coins are packed in tubes of 25 coins. When purchasing individually, we will pack the silver coin for you in a suitable protective capsule.

Great Britain: 2 GBP 2023 - 1oz .999 Ag - BRITANNIA
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STANDARD MINT QUALITY - ST (UNC): Standard quality investment coins are minted in large quantities. They come on the market packed in tubes. To achieve sufficient mintage quantities automation of the work process is required. Because of this mechanical damage and milk stains can occur. They are tolerated by some mints, because this type of errors do not reduce the investment value of the coin. The quantity of these defects varies from mint to mint and also between series.

All "defects" on coins that occurs during the minting process and are not the fault of the distributor do not reduce the investment value of the coin, so they are not a reason for complaint. When buying investment coins, we must count on them and accept them.

Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)999/1000
TerritoryUnited Kingdom (UK)
Denomination2 GBP
ManufacturerBritish Royal Mint
Minting techniqueST
Diameter38.6 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?No, symbolic by the manufacturer
Item typeCoin
ConditionINVESTMENT CONDITION. Individual coins may have present certain defects (scratches, white spots). WE CAN NOT CHOOSE COINS FOR YOU, AFTER PURCHASE WE SEND A RANDOM COIN.
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