Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker

Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker (AT0996X002773) by
Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker (AT0996X002773) by
 1/4 oz Au 0-1 days
Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker (AT0996X002773) by
Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker (AT0996X002773) by

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The Wiener Philharmoniker coin is one of the most recognizable and popular investment gold coins in our area. The coins have been minted by the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich) since 1989. Designer Thomas Pesendorfer, chief designer at the Münze Österreich, designed both sides of the coin. As the name of the coin suggests, the motifs are entirely dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic.

One side of the coin thus shows the organ from the golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein. Above the organ is the inscription Republik Osterreich, below the organ the weight of the coin in oz and GOLD 999.9, the mark for the composition of the metal from which each coin is made. At the very bottom of the coin is the nominal value, which was in ATS until 2001, and in EUR from 2002 onwards. Above the nominal value is the year of minting.

The other side of the coin shows a collection of musical instruments of an orchestra, cello, violin, harp, horn and bassoon. Above the instruments is the inscription Wiener Philharmoniker, translated as Vienna Philharmonic.

The edge of the coin is serrated, but the serrations are not classically arranged, as the individual sets of teeth are separated by slightly longer intervals.

Austria: 25 EUR 2017 - 1/4 oz .9999 Au ST - Wiener Philharmoniker
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1945 - | Austria - Second Republic 1945 - | Austria - Second Republic
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Composition individual product
Main metalGold (Au)
Weight (troj.oz)1/4 ozt
Weight (grams)7.78 g
Purity (✕/1000)999.9/1000
Denomination25 EURO
ManufacturerMünze Österreich AG
Minting techniqueBU
Diameter22 mm
Actual photo?Yes
Actual video?Yes
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Item typeCoin

The Austrian Mint Münze Österreich is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Its beginnings date back to 1194, when it was founded by the Austrian Duke Leopold V to mint Austrian silver pennies. They were minted from 12 tons of silver, which they received from England as a ransom for the release of Richard the Lionheart, captured on return from one of the crusades. In the past, there were several mints in Austria, but with the establishment of the Republic of Austria in 1918, the Vienna Main Mint became the only mint in the country. In 1989, its name was officially changed to Münze Österreich and it became a subsidiary of the Austrian National Bank. The mint mints circulation and collector coins, but is also famous for its products for investors. In addition to gold bars, they mint the gold Vienna Philharmonic. The first gold Vienna Philharmonic was produced at the mint in 1989, later joined by silver and platinum ones. The products of the mint are characterized by high forging quality.