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Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm

Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm (MXTUBAAG01) by
Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm (MXTUBAAG01) by
Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm (MXTUBAAG01) by
Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm (MXTUBAAG01) by

Coin Tube for coins 1 oz Britannia coins (25 coins) or 2 oz the Queen´s Beast coins (10 coins) with diameter of Ø 38,6 mm. The tube is also suitable for keeping other coins of the same dimensions.
The external dimensions are
46 X 46 X 93 mm.

The tubes are used but in good condition.

Tube (UK) | Ø 38,6 mm
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5.00 EUR
Net price: 4.10 EUR
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Outer dimensions46 X 46 X 93 mm
Suitable for coins up to:38,6 mm
ConditionTubes are used but in perfect condition.
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