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Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs)

Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs) (345038) by
Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs) (345038) by
Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs) (345038) by
Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs) (345038) by
When you purchase this item, you receive:
- 10 protective capsules Leuchtturm Ultra Premium Ø31 mm.

The dimensions of the capsules are:
- Inner diameter: Ø31 mm
- Internal thickness: approx. 2.9 mm
- Outer diameter: Ø37 mm

Capsules are suitable for:
   - US Half Dollar 1837 -
   - many other coins and medals

Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) ULTRA PREMIUM protective capsules for borderless coins are made of special scratch-resistant transparent acrylic (PMMA). ULTRA PREMIUM capsules are currently available with an internal diameter of 17 to 41 mm. A notch is present at the edge for easier separation of the capsule when inserting the coin.

Leuchtturm PREMIUM ULTRA protective capsules have dimensions identical to the dimensions of Leuchtturm CAPS capsules, which makes them compatible with all other equipment.
Lighthouse: ULTRA 31 mm | PREMIUM (10 pcs)

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3.95 EUR
Net price: 3.24 EUR
🛈 The maximum placed order cannot exceed 4000.00 EUR due the restrictions related with insurance of shipments.
Composition individual product
Quantity10 pieces
Suitable for coins up to:31 mm
Outer diameter37 mm
ConditionThe capsules may have traces of the foil in which they are wrapped on the surface.

 The decorative material shown in the photos is not included in the delivery.