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Pouch: 8X10 cm - BURGUNDY RED | Gift packing

Pouch: 8X10 cm - BURGUNDY RED | Gift packing (POUCH 8X10 Burgundy 001) by

Have you bought a coin and you want to use it as a gift? But now you do not know how to wrap it, so that moment of giving will cause in recipient that wonderful filling of curiosity, excitement, mysticism and anticipation.

Today you can
for the packaging use a pouch. Pouches have always been used to hold silver, gold and other valuables. In the pouch, the recipient will be able to continue keeping the gift and that will at the same time offers a coin a unique protection against external physical injuries.

In this offer, a pouch is BURGUNDY RED, the outer dimensions are 8X10 cm (± 1 cm). We recommend it for coins up to 7 cm in diameter (including a protective capsule). For other colors and sizes, see our other offer.

The color shade may differ from the shade in the photo.

Pouch: 8X10 cm - BURGUNDY RED | Gift packing
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