China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA

China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA (CN0990X002442) by
China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA (CN0990X002442) by
New 15 Ag  30 g
China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA (CN0990X002442) by
China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA (CN0990X002442) by

The central motif of the Silver Panda 2023 investment and collector coins are a mother panda and baby. The weight of Panda 2023 investment and collector coins is without exception specified and marked in grams. This has been the case since 2016, when the Bank of China switched from the imperial-imperial weight system to the metric system in accordance with the Measurement Law. In this way, China Pandas differ from the vast majority of investment coins from other countries, whose masses still mostly follow the traditional troy ounce. In addition to the weight, type of metal used and its purity, the page with the panda also shows the denomination in Chinese yuan.

The obverse of the coins depicts in the central part the Temple of Prayer for a Good Harvest, the most striking building in the Tiantan Temple complex, which covers an area of 273 hectares, in Beijing. On the coin, above the temple, in the peripheral ring, there is a semicircular inscription in Chinese characters 中华人民和和国 (translated: "People's Republic of China"). On the underside of the perimeter ring is the year of minting: 2023.

The perimeter of the coins is bevelled.

The Chinese Panda is a true treasure of any numismatic collection. Due to their perfection, beauty, affordability, collectible and investment value, they should not be missing from any numismatic collection or investment portfolio.

China: 10 Yuan 2023 - 30 g .999 Ag BU - PANDA
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Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)0.965 ozt
Weight (grams)30 g
Purity (✕/1000)999/1000
Denomination10 Yuan
ManufacturerChina Gold Coin Corp
Minting techniqueBU
Diameter40 mm
PackigingProtective capsule
Actual photo?No, symbolic by the manufacturer
Item typeCoin
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