Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT

Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT (AU0992X002279) by
Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT (AU0992X002279) by
Ag  1 oz
Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT (AU0992X002279) by
Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT (AU0992X002279) by

The first coin of the new series from the Perth Mint

A new series of silver coins from the Perth Mint will feature the Wombat as its central motif. These are marsupials living in the southern parts of Australia and Tasmania. They feed exclusively on plants. Adult specimens weigh between 20 and 35 kg and grow up to 1 m in length.

The other side of the coins will be classic, the same as the current year of coins from the Koala or Kookaburra series.

The silver coins will be available in 1oz and will be packaged in protective capsules at the mint. 20 coins will be available in the original roll. The mintage will be limited to only 25,000 coins.

Highlights of the series:

  • Edition limited to only 25,000 copies Each coin is made from 1oz of 999.9/1000 silver.
  • With a nominal value of 1 AUD, the coins are an official form of payment approved by the Australian government.
  • The coins are packed in protective capsules.
  • The coins are minted by the Perth Mint in BU quality.

Australia: 1 AUD 2021 - 1oz .9999 Ag BU - WOMBAT
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Composition individual product
Main metalSilver (Ag)
Weight (troj.oz)1 oz t
Weight (grams)31.1 g
Purity (✕/1000)9999
Coin in series1
Denomination1 AUD
ManufacturerPerth Mint
Minting techniqueBU
Diameter40.60 mm
EmperorElizabeth II (1952-2022)
PackigingOriginal protective capsule
Actual photo?No, symbolic by the manufacturer
Actual video?No
Item typeCoin
The Australian Perth Mint is located in the city of Perth on the west coast of Australia. It started operating on June 20, 1899 as a branch of the English Royal Mint from London. It was founded in order to refine the large quantities of gold obtained during the gold rush. From this they then minted gold Sovereigns for the British Empire. In 1987, an Act of Parliament established the Gold Corporation, which, in partnership with the Commonwealth of Australian Treasury, became the new operator of the Perth Mint. They focused on minting and marketing gold, silver and platinum Australian coins to investors and collectors worldwide. After the renewal of the business model, The Australian Nugget gold coins, the predecessors of today's Kangaroos, entered the market. In the first day of trading alone, they achieved sales of 155,000 oz t gold coins, which is 4.8 t of pure gold. Today, the Perth Mint continues to provide precious metal refining. It produces many series of precious metal coins for investors and collectors around the world. Among them are the gold series of coins Kangaroo, Lunar III, Brumby, Emu and the silver series of coins Kookaburra, Koala, Lunar III, rectangular Dragon, Emu, Wombat, Swan, Brumby,... .
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