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In the era of monetary gold standard, people have protected their property very easily. They saved the circulation coin for bad times. When the circulation gold coins were gone and only their restri..
15 Sep Numismatics
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Numismatic is the science of coins. It includes collecting, studying and evaluating coins and medals.Most people perceive numismatic initially as a collector's hobby, which turns out to be a serious..
15 Sep Notafilia
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Notaphilia unites collectors of banknotes, paper money and securities. In the recent past, it was united within the numismatic field, but it is increasingly becoming an independent science, althou..
15 Sep Coin minting techniques
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Modern coins are minted on machines. The minting plates from which the coins are minted are stamped with motifs engraved on the minting seals. Due to the heavy loads, the minting seals are worn and d..
15 Sep History of coins
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Coins have a much longer history than banknotes. The historians have not yet fully coordinated who to be attributed to the primacy of forging money. Has this started in China, in India or in Lydia? Pe..
15 Sep Coin or bar
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Investors in precious metals are in the dilemma before making an investment. Should they go for coins or bars?Investment bullion bars have usually a lower margin, so thats why ounces of pure mettal is..
15 Sep Coin sides
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Each coin consists of two surface areas and from an edge area. Above the base surface is raised relief that forms an image or motif, according to which the coin is recognized. In addition to the mot..
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