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Slovenia: 30 EUR 2017 - 15g 0.925 Ag - 100 th anniversary of the May Declaration

"In 1917 Slovene, Croatian and Serbian members of the Vienna parliament came together to form the Yugoslav Club. The leader of the club, Anton Korošec (1872-1940), read its political manifesto, the May Declaration, in the Vienna parliament on 30 May 1917. The declaration had been inspired by Janez Evangelist Krek (1865-1917). The declaration was signed by all 33 Yugoslav deputies, 20 of whom were Slovenes. It read as follows: The undersigned deputies of the Yugoslav Club hereby declare that, on ..

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250th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Vodnik - 2008 Out Of Stock

250th anniversary of the birth of Valentin Vodnik - 2008

"Valentin Vodnik was born in Ljubljana on 3 February 1758. Vodnik was educated at secondary school in Ljubljana and the Novo Mesto monastery. He completed theological studies in 1782. As a priest, Vodnik served in Ljubljana, Bled, and Koprivnik nad Bohinjem where he met Žiga Zois who helped him return to Ljubljana. In 1797 he became a secondary school professor. Following the arrival of the French to Slovenian territory, Vodnik was a great supporter of the new authority. Following the end of the..

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Slovenia: 500 SIT 1996 - 15g 0.925 Ag - 150 years of the railways in Slovenia

" On June 2nd 1846 rail traffic ran for the first time on the territory now known as Slovenia. On this day a ceremonial train pulled by the locomotives names "Aussee" and "Drau" arrived at Celje. The arrival of that first train on Slovene territorry represented a turning point whose effects are still felt today.The railway between Graz and Celje, which was a section of the line between Vienna and Trieste, was laid out as early as the year 1842. A 190 m long tunnel was constructed at Sentilj,..

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Slovenia: 500 SIT 1993 - 15g 0.925 Ag - 300 years anniversary of the founding of the Academia Operosorum Labacensium

" The greatness of a nation can be appreciated through the history of its culture. True, often we do not know the names of many of those who made history, with the result that they quite unintentionally disappear from our memory. Nevertheless, much of what we now take for granted could have never been fulfilled had not certain events taken place which represent milestones in the forming of the Slovene national consciousness.The Academia Operosorum Labacensium is undoubtedly an institution th..

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